Creating Insights AB carry out business based management programmes and lectures within the fields change management, knowledge management, organizational management and integrational management.

What I do

There are a few counter stones that my education follows. This is what you can expect.


Research based

20 years of academic experience and research within management is an important fundament in the education. Sustainable management born in research, translated and carried out in a reality based management environment.


Every presentation, workshop or educational programme has one goal – creating insights that will change the way you and your organization understand management. Weather it is knowledge- change- integration or validation management.

Customized Education

I have a long experience in carrying out education in a way that inspires and creates a deeper insight to the management or organizational needs that your company has. The education extent is customized; one day or several months. A large group or a few participants. 

Andreas Diedrich

Professor of Management and Organization studies, Gothenburg University, School of Economics




Generating New Ideas

I am a professor and senior researcher at the University of Gothenburg, School of Economics.
In my research I get to meet management representatives and their employees. I get to know organizations, from both private and public sector. The insights I collect I share on research conferences and work on together with well known researches around the world.
In my education I get the honor to share the conclusions with the larger crowd. I like to think of it as a way of giving back in terms of conclusions, common misstakes and insights to be made, to the management that I study.

prelect hours executed

organizations educated

years of experience within knowledge management


As a researcher in management and organizational studies, I have over the past 22 years studied organizational learning ang change in private companies as well as puclic sector organizations. As a teacher, I regularly meet students on all levels – undergraduate level, graduate level and executive.
From 2008 until 2018, I was responsible for the Executive MBA at the School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg. (Handelshögskolan). This was a two year part-time master program for practicing managers. Recently, I have returned to working with tailormade programs for globally-operating companies. As a speaker, I have been invited to give keynote speaches at a large number of regional, national and international conferences directed at researchers and/or practitioners.

I educate at the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg on a weekly basis. Aside of that, I have done hundreds of presentations and educational programmes for organizations from both private- and public sector.


Let’s Start Something new

Do you want to describe your organization’s needs. Let me listen and customize a concept that fits what your need. Contact me directly, or fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you within short.  |  +46 732308896